Assessment according to the highest standards!

An objective and reproducible evaluation of all submitted cards is our top priority.

For this purpose, we use the most modern measuring equipment and methods, clear specifications and staff with years of experience.

By regularly checking our own results, we always guarantee you an assessment of the highest standard.


We always use the most modern technology to evaluate your cards in order to guarantee you the best possible evaluation of your cards.

Thanks to many years of experience in quality management and quality assurance, we are very familiar with the appropriate testing methods and techniques.

  • Oscar R.

    "AA-Grading's grading exceeded our expectations! Fast processing, accurate assessment and excellent customer service."

  • Laura B.

    "Many thanks to the AA-Grading team for the professional implementation of the grading. I was impressed by the transparent processes and the high quality of the assessment. I'd be happy to do it again!"

  • Daniel M.

    "Absolute recommendation for AA grading!

    Comprehensible evaluation and fast shipping to Italy."