Grading scale

Grading scale - AA grading (All Authentic Grading)

Assessment according to internationally recognized standards

All trading cards graded by us receive a final grade at the end, which is made up of the grades of the subgrades.

The testing and grading of all relevant criteria is carried out exclusively by intensively trained staff and clearly defined specifications, for maximum objectivity and reproducible results.

Our following grading scale serves as a guide and is intended to make our evaluation as transparent as possible for you. It is possible that individual criteria deviate so much and therefore have an increased influence on the overall evaluation.


Absolutely new condition and almost perfectly produced. Use of forensic technology


No defects visible to the naked eye

9.0 MINT

Centering almost perfect, sharp and clear corners, NO bends, stains, wrinkles and surface defects

8.5 - 8.0 NEAR MINT - MINT

Mint to the naked eye. minimal signs of wear, NO creases, stains or surface defects, minimal deviation in centering or bending possible. Relatively clear corners.

7.5 - 7.0 NEAR MINT

As good as new at first glance. Slight to medium deviations in centering, small color or printing errors, slightly blurred corners.

6.5 - 6.0 EXCELLENT - MINT

Usually vintage - slightly blurred image, cut slightly distorted, corners slightly blurred, medium deviation in centering, color and printing errors.

5.5 - 5.0 EXCELLENT

Average vintage - medium deviation in centering, corners slightly rounded, texture and surface gloss are impaired.


shows signs of wear - corners show signs of wear, major printing issues, slight creases on edge or back, slight creases.

3.5 - 3.0 VERY GOOD

Major signs of wear - severe creases, stains or creases, rounded corners, highest possible rating for creases.

2.5 - 2.0 GOOD

significant problems - heavy wear, rounded corners, slight tears, wrinkles or glue residue.

1.5 - 1.0 POOR

Significant issues - heavy wear, creases, pinholes, small tears, paper loss, adhesive residue/streaks, manual touch-ups.