Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Welcome to AA-Grading: Frequently Asked Questions about the Premium Trading Card Grading Service

1. What is AA-Grading and what services do we offer?

AA-Grading (Absolute Authentic Grading) is a reputable company specializing in the professional evaluation of collector trading cards, including Pokémon, sports cards, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering, Naruto, and more. We offer comprehensive services to determine the condition and value of your cards.

2. Why should I consider AA-Grading for my collectible cards?

AA-Grading is distinguished by its expertise and dedication. Each card is individually assessed and graded by experienced evaluators to determine its precise condition. This independent evaluation enhances the card's value and protects it from potential damage.

3. How does the evaluation process work at AA-Grading?

The process is designed to be efficient and professional. You send your trading cards to AA-Grading, where experts carefully inspect them. Each card is evaluated for edges, surface texture, corners, centering, and overall condition. After assessment, each card is recorded in our Pop Report, then professionally sealed in a personalized case using an ultrasound welding machine and insured before being returned to you.

4. Which trading cards does AA-Grading evaluate?

AA-Grading assesses a wide range of trading cards, including Pokémon, sports cards, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering, Naruto, Lorcana, Flesh and Blood, Digimon Card Game, Dragon Ball Card Game, Union Arena, Weiß Schwarz, and many more.

5. How long does the grading process take at AA-Grading, and how does it accommodate typical shipping times to and from Germany?

The grading process at AA-Grading varies depending on workload and the number of cards submitted. Typically, the process takes about 5 business days from the time your cards are received. Please note that shipping times outside of Germany can be influenced by various factors such as the chosen shipping method and customs processes. AA-Grading takes these geographical differences into account and strives to make the process as smooth as possible.

6. Does AA-Grading track the shipment of submitted cards?

Yes, AA-Grading offers a convenient option for online shipment tracking. Once you have submitted your trading cards, you will receive a tracking number for DHL shipment tracking. With this tracking number, you can monitor the status of your shipment online through DHL's website at [DHL Shipment Tracking]( This allows you to track the progress of your shipment and determine the exact arrival time of your graded card(s).

Additionally, after grading the card(s) and during the return shipment to the submitter, you will also receive a tracking number for DHL, allowing you to monitor the shipping status during the return process.

7. How does grading affect the value of my trading cards?

AA-Grading's evaluation significantly impacts the value of your collectible cards. Generally, graded cards command much higher selling prices than ungraded cards. The better the condition of the card, the higher the expected selling price.

8. Can I sell my graded cards?

Absolutely. AA-Grading supports the selling process by providing clear information to buyers about the card's condition. This increases buyer confidence and greatly facilitates the sale of collectible cards.

9. How does AA-Grading differ from other grading services?

AA-Grading stands out with its individual assessment and detailed evaluation. They understand the intricacies of trading cards and provide transparent, reliable information about the origin and condition of submitted collectible cards.

10. Are my cards safe with AA-Grading?

We handle your cards with utmost care. We use special protective sleeves to safeguard the cards during the evaluation process. The return shipment is also exclusively insured.

11. What are the advantages of AA-Grading compared to independently evaluating my collectible cards?

Regardless of your experience as a collector, AA-Grading can provide you with an objective, professional, and experienced assessment that accurately reflects the value and condition of your cards using professional equipment, recognized in the trading card market.

12. Can I send trading cards from different card games in one shipment to AA-Grading?

Yes, AA-Grading accepts trading cards from various card games in one shipment. This allows collectors to have a wide range of cards evaluated at once.

13. Does AA-Grading offer special evaluations for rare or limited edition collectible cards?

Yes, AA-Grading has experts specializing in the evaluation of rare and limited edition collectible cards. This ensures that the unique value of these cards is accurately captured.

14. How are the submitted collectible cards protected during shipment?

At AA-Grading, we place great importance on protecting your cards, especially during shipment and transport. Therefore, we have taken special measures to ensure that your cards are optimally protected.

15. Does AA-Grading offer international card evaluation services besides Germany?

Yes, AA-Grading offers its services worldwide, not only in Germany. No matter where you are located, you can benefit from AA-Grading's precise and trustworthy card evaluation.

Overall, AA-Grading provides an optimal service for collectors of trading cards. With their expertise, individual assessment, and clear evaluations, AA-Grading is the ideal partner to determine and enhance the value and condition of your valuable trading cards.

We hope that these FAQs answer your questions about AA-Grading and provide insight into this high-quality service.

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